By Sena Jeter Naslund
Spalding MFA Program Director

Growing up, it was the novel rather than the short story that had made me want to be a writer, but in graduate school at Iowa I had written only short stories. While I had published a short story collection, Ice Skating at the North Pole, I would need to serve an apprenticeship learning how to manage the form of the novel, from the inside-out. Continue reading “SAILING WITH AHAB’S WIFE”


By Katy Yocom
Spalding MFA Associate Administrative Director

“Write it short, then make it shorter. Watch it start to glow.”

Maybe it’s my journalism background, but I find it exciting to write to a word limit. This week, I’m finishing an essay for a blurred-genre contest with a 750-word limit. Many publications have a limit of 1,000 words for flash. Continue reading “THE JOYS OF WRITING SHORT”

That thing you’ve spent years on, in 30 seconds or less

by Larry Brenner
Spalding MFA Faculty, PlaywritingScreenwriting

“Oh, you’re writing something new? What’s it about?”

I HATE that question.

Do I really have to summarize my work? Can’t I just pull out my draft and spend the next few hours reading it to you? No? Continue reading “That thing you’ve spent years on, in 30 seconds or less”