Welcome Home: A Writer’s Return To Rome

By Sena Jeter Naslund

Spalding MFA Program Director

It’s a bit odd to say to a group of students and faculty, recently arrived in Rome, “Welcome Home!” But you know how that goes: wherever the Spalding Master of Fine Arts in Writing gathers, I always say, as program director, “Welcome Home!” and we are at home when we’re with each other. Continue reading “Welcome Home: A Writer’s Return To Rome”

A Song for an Artist: Who and What Inspires You?

By: Eleanor Morse

Spalding MFA Faculty

While I was teaching at the Spalding residency this past May, an artist friend died. Victor had been failing for some time, but his death still felt sudden. I’d gotten used to his fragility, to his heart-stoppingly thin, stooped frame. Because his spirit was so vital, I thought, beyond reason, that he’d manage to just keep going. But then it became clearer that he wasn’t going to keep going. Continue reading “A Song for an Artist: Who and What Inspires You?”

The Little Dramatic Writing Program that Could

by Charlie Schulman

Spalding MFA Playwriting and Screenwriting Faculty

I’m on the Playwriting and Screenwriting faculty at Spalding University’s low-residency MFA in Writing Program, and as the February 1 application deadline for spring and summer semesters approaches, I’d like to take this opportunity to sing the praises of our alums and current students who are winning grand prizes, placing in national screenwriting competitions, getting produced in major regional theaters, and most important, telling stories that matter. Stories that are inclusive, expand the definition of who we are, and broaden the sense of what it means to be living in these complicated times. Continue reading “The Little Dramatic Writing Program that Could”