By Katy Yocom
Spalding MFA Associate Administrative Director

“Write it short, then make it shorter. Watch it start to glow.”

Maybe it’s my journalism background, but I find it exciting to write to a word limit. This week, I’m finishing an essay for a blurred-genre contest with a 750-word limit. Many publications have a limit of 1,000 words for flash. Continue reading “THE JOYS OF WRITING SHORT”

A Few Thoughts On Photography And Fiction

by Pete Duval

Spalding MFA Faculty, Fiction

The language of photography has certain similarities with fiction—in particular with the short-short story. I want to talk about a story I’ve often used in my workshops—a two-page short-short titled “No One’s a Mystery” by Elizabeth Tallant—and three photographs by Anders Petersen, from his famous 1970 photobook Café Lehmitz. Continue reading “A Few Thoughts On Photography And Fiction”