About Spalding’s Low-Residency MFA Program

Nurture your creativity.

Serious critique doesn’t have to hurt. At Spalding, you’ll find a top-tier low residency MFA program that celebrates creativity and community, not competition. We offer real intellectual stimulation in a supportive environment while giving you the tools to make your writing fresher, richer, more uniquely your own. There’s no such thing as a “Spalding voice.” It’s your voice, and at Spalding, it will be heard and read.

Semesters begin with a residency that brings together talented students and an outstanding faculty for 10 intensive, interactive days of workshop, craft lectures, readings, and special sessions. An emphasis on cross-genre exploration helps you shake off old habits while discovering the best tools from other areas of writing. We explore the visual and performing arts as ways to open new creative channels. And we talk about the business of getting published or produced. Our residencies will leave you exhilarated, informed, and ready to write.

Back home, you’ll begin one-on-one independent study with a faculty mentor, writing and revising original work while studying classic and contemporary texts from a reading list you help shape. You’ll be challenged to take risks as you elevate your craft. To foster your distinctive style, you’ll study one-on-one with at least three different mentors during the four-semester program. Most students work with four.

Meanwhile, you’ll keep living your own full life. At Spalding, we’re dedicated to making a writing education possible far from the ivory tower. Our flexible scheduling lets you set your own pace by choosing from 6- or 9-month semesters. Stay close to home with spring and fall residencies in Louisville, or travel with us on summer residencies in Athens, Rome, Paris, and other world capitals.

A top-10 low residency MFA program—Poets & Writers, year after year after year.

Contact us mfa@spalding.edu or  (502) 873-4400.

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